How it works

With a strong membership base, Adventure Belfast is a free local social group in Belfast geared towards adults in their 20s and 30s from all walks of life. Throughout the year we organize free events. Every member is encouraged to host and post their own events as well! Attendance is anywhere between 5 and 150 people, with an average of around 30 per event. We have begun partnering with local businesses to help cross-promote brands.

Partner with us and offer a gift card or merchandise at one or more of our events for some incredible exposure.

  • Event announced on FaceBook to our followers with your business name listed as the sponsor.
  • Event announced by e-mail to everyone registered on
  • Event announced by text message to our entire user-base.
  • Permanent "Sponsored By" name and optional note on the event page.
  • Sponsor announced, with optional message, during the event's giveaway.

Initial exposure aside, you will be hitting a key youth demographic in the area, who will continue to talk about and socially promote your brand. You simply don't get more targeted than we are, if you are looking for social adults.

Most businesses to-date have issued gift cards with values of $50 or more and offer an on-going 20% (or more) discount to Adventure Belfast members.